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B-Calm Correcting Cream SPF20 (50ml)

B-Calm Correcting Cream SPF20 (50ml)

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The Correcting Cream SPF20 is an advanced anti-erythema and anti-irritation hydrator. This will reduce the number, size and intensity of the uncomfortable redness. Soothes, smooths and relieves the skin, restoring a feeling of comfort. Its corrective green pigments neutralise the redness that does occur. Highly recommended to treat rosacea.


Main benefits
- Treats sensitivity & irritation
- Colour corrects redness & rosacea
- Free from fragrance, alcohol, essential oils, mineral oils & silicones
- Certified dermocosmetics


Key ingredients
Our exclusive "Skinbiome Repair", designed to increase the skin’s tolerance by rebalancing its microbiota


How to use
Using 1-2 pumps, apply morning and night to face, neck and decolletage.

TIP – If using B-Calm SOS Intensive Care Facial Serum or any serum, apply cream after the application of serum.