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Treating your eyes

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the face which is why using an eye cream is important. If a cream is too thick, it can cause the area to become puffy. We all have different concerns when it comes to the eyes so here’s a few tips on how to treat the three most common ones.

Bags, puffiness and dark circles

The Cause
Bags, puffiness and dark circles are most commonly caused by poor circulation around the eye area. When we’re tired or stressed, sympathetic nerves are activated which constrict the blood vessels. This slows down blood circulation causing it to build up underneath the eyes and make the skin appear dark.

Eye Cream 
Ingredients that stimulate micro-circulation are essential for helping to improve the problem long term such as Azarole bud or ingredients containing caffeine.

Light pigments or optical diffusers are also great to reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags as a short term fix. These ingredients reflect light away from the dark shadowy area making the skin around the eye appear brighter, healthier and more luminous.

Keep a spoon in the freezer with cling film wrapped around it. When your eye area flares up, take it out, unwrap the cling film and place the spoon on the eye area. This is great for when you wake up with puffy eyes.

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