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Timexpert Hydraluronic 3D Force (30ml)

Timexpert Hydraluronic 3D Force (30ml)

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TIMEXPERT HYDRALURONIC acts like a “cosmetic injection”. Not only have we developed formulations with a deeper and longer-lasting action, but the expertly combined blends of different ingredients have proven to have extraordinary results in terms of skin HYDRATION AND PLUMPNESS, showing once again that unity is strength. 


For the first time, a concentrated formula combining high, medium and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid with our patented HLG Nanopolymer. The epidermis and dermis are now more permeable and receptive to the introduction of hyaluronic acid, and therefore, this combination of ingredients has a unique effectiveness:
- Maximum hydration in all skin layers
- 24-Hour hydration
- Filler effect


With a gel texture, this concentrate contains three types of HYALURONIC ACID to provide a hydrating, plumping and anti-ageing effect. A powerful deep and long-lasting hydrating serum that acts from within, plumping and rejuvenating the skin while minimising wrinkles and expression lines.

**Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and cancer patients.**


How to use
Apply 2-3 pumps to cleansed skin every morning and evening, massaging over the face, neck and décolletage until fully absorbed. Wait a few minutes before applying your usual treatment cream.