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B-Calm Micellar Water Gel (200ml)

B-Calm Micellar Water Gel (200ml)

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A hypo-allergenic deep cleansing gel formulated for very sensitive skin, capable of effectively eliminating makeup, dirt and oil from the face, eyes and lips. It immediately relieves any feeling of burning and itchiness.


Main benefits
- Reduces sensitivity & irritation
- Removes face & eye makeup
- Deeply cleanses
- Certified dermocosmetics
- Free from fragrance, alcohol, essential oils, mineral oils & silicones
- 100% tolerated on sensitive skin.


Key ingredients
Our exclusive "Skinbiome Repair", is designed to increase the skin’s tolerance by rebalancing its microbiota.


How to use
Soak a dry cotton pad with the Micellar Gel and gently wipe the cotton pad across the face and eyes to remove makeup and impurities.
Repeat until the cotton pad is clean.
TIP – Water can aggravate the skin and cause redness, this cleanser is used without the use of water so is also very handy when travelling.