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Melting Make-up Removal Milk & Lotion (125ml)

Melting Make-up Removal Milk & Lotion (125ml)

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A cleanser, make-up remover and toner all in one which gently dissolves make-up and impurities leaving the skin fresh and perfectly primed. Packed with Royal Jelly and Poria Cocos extract, this lotion provides dull and tired skin with nourishment and vitality whist protecting it from external aggression.


Recommended for
Perfect for all skin types, especially those that are dull, fatigued and stressed.


Key ingredients
- Royal Jelly: A natural concentrate rich in essential nutrients. When applied to the skin, it helps to maintain a healthy, strong skin which prevents ailments associated with stress: such as breakouts, dry patches or sensitivity.
- Poria Cocos: A powerful ingredient widely used in traditional eastern medicine for it's anti-inflammatory and highly anti-oxidant properties.
- Glycerin: Hydrating.


How to use
Apply a small amount of cleansing milk to hands and massage into the skin avoiding the eyes, remove with tissues or cotton pads.
TIP – This product has a toning effect on the skin within it and is easy to remove, so it is perfect for travelling light.