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How to Look After Your Skin at Night 肌膚的夜間護理

When we get into bed we do so with the intention of resting and recovering all the energy we have used up during the day.
Did you know that the same happens with your skin? Night time is the perfect moment for it to calm down and regenerate. Our body rests deeply to restore itself and our skin reaches its highest levels of activity during the “Golden Hours” between 23:00 hours and 2:00 hours, when the skin is more receptive to repairing treatments.

The Nocturnal Facial Routine

1.Timexpert SRNS Repair Night Progress Synchronised Recovery Booster Serum, Serum highly concentrated in antioxidizing ingredients (more than 50%) that works synchronized with the protection and repair processes the skin presents day and night.


With a melting and silky texture, Repair Night Progress is capable of strengthening and regenerating aged skin.

Results: Skin that is firmer, more hydrated, luminous and visibly youthful and beautiful.

2. Repair Night Progress Eye Serum, is an intensive serum for the eye contour with a high concentration of active ingredients that revitalize and illuminate the eye contour.

It works in a precise way, reducing the signs of ageing and fatigue typical of this area like puffiness and dark circles.
3. Timexpert SRNS Sleeping-Cure Detox FormulaDetox Night Concentrate achieves an almost magical awakening for true sleeping beauty skin in just ten nights. It works with maximum effectiveness during the  “Golden Hours”. Its fresh, ultra-light texture and its fragrance with relaxing notes provide extra calm and relaxation.
4. Apply two or three times a week the Night Success Renewing Sleep Mask. A transparent gel-mask with light texture that works in an original and infallible way all night long, providing incredible silkiness for the face, neck and décolletage.
It traps moisture, achieving a bath of continuous hydration, helping the skin to rest as if it were in a bubble, free of signs of fatigue.


1. 臻顏賦活即時修護精華液(加強版)中的精華液含有高濃度濃縮的抗氧化成分(超過50%),可以為皮膚日夜提供保護和修復。
2. 臻顏賦活即時修護眼部精華是一種針對眼部肌膚的強效精華液,含有高濃度的活性成分,可喚醒和照亮眼部輪廓。它針對性的配方幫助減少衰老和疲勞跡象,如浮腫和黑眼圈。
3. 臻顏賦活睡眠修護精華能在短短十個晚上為您的肌膚帶來近乎神奇的覺醒。它在“黃金時段”發揮最大效力。其清盈、超輕的質地和帶有輕鬆氣息的香味能為您提供平靜和放鬆的心情。 

4. 每週使用排毒睡眠面膜兩到三次。這款質地輕盈的透明凝膠面膜,整夜為面部、頸部和肩部提供令人難以置信的絲滑感。它可以鎖住水分,實現持續保濕,幫助皮膚像泡在浴缸的泡泡中一樣休息,第二天沒有疲勞的跡象。