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About Germaine de Capuccini | 關於 Germaine de Capuccini

50 years of experience in expert skin care

It was in 1964 when Carmen Vidal, a fighting, energetic and vital woman, brought to life her great creation: Germaine de Capuccini. The beauty secrets learned in Algiers during her childhood and the cosmetic techniques and savoir faire acquired in Paris would become the banner of one of the most important professional skincare companies in the world.

“Beauty is strength, it is charm, it is above all a personal attitude, a spiritual quality” Carmen Vidal.

At the service of beauty
Germaine de Capuccini is dedicated to the beauty and the needs of women, those women who put themselves in the hands of their aestheticians and trust that they will look after them and treat them as if they were special, unique and irrepeatable, because they are.

The values
Professionalism, Innovation and Social Commitment, especially with women, are the values the best define Germaine de Capuccini from its beginning.

50 years of the swan in the world
The Swan, conceived and designed by Carmen Vidal, symbolises perfectly what the Germaine de Capuccini cosmetic products provide women with: elegance, serenity, beauty, purity. The Swan has become one of the most prized and valued heritages of the firm.

A symbol that has evolved graphically throughout the years and that has crossed the frontiers of more than 80 countries.


1964年,一個充滿鬥志,朝氣蓬勃且舉足輕重的女人卡門·維達(Carmen Vidal)將她偉大的創作變為現實:傑曼·卡布奇尼(Germaine de Capuccini)。在阿爾及爾童年時期學到的美容秘訣以及在巴黎獲得的美容技術和精湛技藝將成為世界上最重要的專業護膚公司之一的旗幟。

“美是力量,是魅力,首先是個人態度和精神品質”,卡門·維達爾(Carmen Vidal)。

Germaine de Capuccini致力於滿足女性的美麗和需求,這些女性將自己交到美學家手中,並相信她們會照顧她們,並視她們為特殊,獨特和不可替代的她們,因為她們是如此。

專業精神,創新精神和對社會的承諾,尤其是對女性而言,是從一開始就定義Germaine de Capuccini的價值觀。

由卡門·維達爾(Carmen Vidal)構思和設計的天鵝完美地像徵著Germaine de Capuccini化妝品為女性提供的東西:優雅,寧靜,美麗,純正。天鵝已成為該公司最珍貴和最有價值的遺產之一。