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Excel Therapy O2 CC Cream SPF30 超卓增氧CC霜SPF30 (50ml)

Excel Therapy O2 CC Cream SPF30 超卓增氧CC霜SPF30 (50ml)


This light CC cream hides imperfections providing perfect skin daily, with 5 actions:

  • CORRECTION: a ‘second skin’ make-up effect, a light texture with coverage power that perfectly blends into the skin and immediately conceals any imperfections, – bags under the eyes, redness, dark spots etc., providing the skin with a matt, flawless complexion.
  • UNIFORMITY: a cocktail of clarifying, softening an detoxifying ingredients helps soothe sensitive skin and revitalise the skin’s dull appearance, smoothing the surface, whilst minimising imperfections.
  • PROTECTION: Offering a high protection with an SPF30, UVA sunscreens and detoxifying ingredients ‘block’ the harmful effects caused by UVA/UVB rays and urban pollution.
  • PREVENTION: Against premature ageing due to the action of LIFE CYTOXYGEN, a complex with oxygen ceramide liposomes that work from the surface of the skin allowing the skin to breathe.
  • HYDRATION: the Sodium PCA ingredient helps maintain hydration level all day long as it captures and retain skin moisture.

How to use

If you have oily skin, you may not need a moisturiser before applying the CC Cream.  For all other skin types, apply your regular moisturiser and then apply a few drops of your chosen shade of CC Cream, – apply to face and neck.



  • 糾正膚色:像你的“第二層皮膚”一樣那麼自然。具有覆蓋力的淺色質地可以完美融合到皮膚中,並立即掩蓋任何瑕疵,例如眼袋,發紅,黑斑等,使皮膚擁有啞光, 完美無瑕的膚色。
  • 均勻膚色:淨化、軟化排毒成分的混合物有助於舒緩敏感皮膚,使皮膚暗沉的外觀恢復活力,使表面光滑,同時最大程度地減少瑕疵。
  • 防護:SPF30,UVA防曬霜和排毒成分可提供高度保護,從而阻止 UVA / UVB射線和城市污染對皮膚造成有害影響。
  • 抗衰老:防止由於生命細胞毒素作用而導致的過早衰老,這是一種與氧神經酰胺脂質體形成的複合物。此復合物可從皮膚表面起作用,使皮膚呼吸。
  • 保濕:CC乳霜中的PCA鈉成分可以使皮膚整日保持水合水平,因為它可以捕獲並保持皮膚水分。


        面霜後使用 (油性皮膚可直接塗抹),用指腹輕拍至貼合均勻,無需其他化粧品打底。